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MPS Therapy is a therapy combining microcurrent with acupuncture principles designed to reduce chronic pain and inflammation. MPS is delivered through a battery powered hand held device that provides DC microcurrent to reset the nervous system. As a result, MPS can relax muscles, calm the nervous system, release endorphins and improve circulation – all things that help to eliminate pain. Often patients present in our office with “eye pain” that actually is referred pain from inflammation and swelling around the eye, behind the eye or in the head. MPS can help reduce that pain. The low frequency current can also help your body release the ‘feel good hormones’ in your brain, therefore reducing stress.

Microcurrent Point Stimulation combines the principles of acupuncture, massage, electrotherapy and physical therapy to create wellness. In a similar way, your optometrist uses your eyes as a window to the rest of your body. When you have an integrative approach to care, we are BETTER TOGETHER.