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Therapeutic Activities


The Therapeutic Activities are the tasks that are functional and dynamic, from daily activities that are used as a treatment to improve strength and range of motion. Therapeutic activities like this involve functional and simple tasks that directly imitates real-life activity. An example of a Therapeutic activity could be lifting a weighted object and placing it on the top shelf, which is mainly to strengthen overhead shoulder movement.Read Next

Therapeutic activities cover a wide range of functional tasks like bending, lifting, catching, pushing, pulling, throwing, squatting etc. Some other activities like cooking, gardening, painting, drawing, singing, listening to music of person’s choice, playing old video tapes of close family members, walking and light exercise also comes under Therapeutic Activities.

Therapeutics Exercises are different from Therapeutic Activities. Therapeutic Exercises are not generally a functional task but they are specific exercises. In the same example if the patient is asked to do overhead dumbbell press instead of placing the object on the top shelf to strengthen his shoulder, it is called Therapeutic Exercise.

Therapeutic activities are useful in many ways. They are cure for many psychological and minor physical disorders and they also help to improve certain skills of a person. In the present day work culture where people are more involved in mental work than physical work, there are lot of cases of emotional disorders like stress, depression, bipolar etc. So there is immense of need for Therapeutic Activities. It would be best for the companies to adopt these activities in the work schedule and help employees from relieving their stress level and in turn improve the productivity.