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Physical therapists will examine, treat, and teach you to prevent, correct and limit physical disability, movement dysfunction, bodily malfunction and pain from injury, illness and/or disease. They use physical measures, activities and devices to help you. These can include:

Orthopedics/ Manual TherapyIntramuscular Manual Therapy (trigger point dry needling)Heat and Massage TherapyCardiopulmonary and Resistance TrainingRecreational Therapy to focus on a return to your previous activity level

Five Program Objectives

  1. Increase cardiopulmonary endurance.
  2. Improve muscle strength and endurance.
  3. Improve ability to participate in daily activities in home, school and community.
  4. Increase and encourage continued participation in physical education, leisure and fitness activities.
  5. Improve awareness of abdominal breathing, voice control and/or swallowing.

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